Andy FOND - real name Andrei PISARENCO.
Date of Birth: 02.01.1980
Place of birth: Orhei, Moldavian SSR (USSR)
Activity: Composer, DJ
Active since 2013

  Andy FOND born in Orhei the former Soviet Union. His mother was a psychologist, his father - agriculturist.
Andy remembers his mom with love and respect, who had a great influence on his outlook and instilled moral family values. His sister became a psychologist, as a mom, and Andy was educated bachelor of agronomy as a father.
Music was his passion since childhood, and in the 16 years Andy Fond became a DJ at a local house of culture.
At 24, he moved to France. City of Bordeaux (France) becomes a second home for the future composer.

Here he has a family, here he makes the first steps in a career in music.
Since 2014 Andy FOND studying at the Conservatory of Bordeaux Jacques Thibaud and music school C.I.A.M.
Patrick MELLE, the famous French composer, who was awarded the medal count of Bordeaux, the winner of the international contest of music of Bordeaux (1989), winner of the contest "peniche opera ", Paris (1995), became a teacher and mentor for him.
A beloved wife and three beautiful daughters are the support and inspiration in the works for Andy.
In 2013 he published the first track "Octava".
Andy inspires well-known character from the movie “The Matrix” by Cohen brothers – NEO.

Therefore, the name of the first three songs form the abbreviation “Nature”, “Electra”, “Octava”.

These compositions produce in 2013 as part of the first album Andy FOND called "Music Zone".
Andy compose music in genres "house, electro-dance, clubbing, techno," using a program Logic Pro X and synthesizer.
In 2016 Andy FOND continues his studies sound engineering by professional studio "Shaman". The studio is known for his production work for the participants of "Eurovision" and many popular performers.

He writes a blog, where he puts his first album.
Music Zone, the composition comprising:
4.Life in Black and White,
6.Octava (Remix).


The album is gaining more than 100 thousand auditions on the blog, and more than 50 000 auditions
on You Tube. It appears fans in more than 40 countries, including France, Ukraine, Germany, USA,Russia.                        
Since 2015 MUSIC ZONE played on radio stations in France and Switzerland.
At the beginning of 2016 the composer appears his official website,
also a new album Energy and video on the Melody track.